Sydney Rudel, Google Review

“I love Invicta Vox! I’ve seen so many changes in my voice since I started working here, and this places is amazing!




We want you to feel confident on stage and in the spotlight. Everything we do is meant to give singers the skills they need to be successful in reaching the next level.

Private voice lessons
Private guitar and piano lessons
Performance and songwriting Track Classes
Performance Opportunities
Audition Prep
Groups to support you, and keep you active as an artist

What if you don’t live close to us?

All of our services are offered in-person and online!

We’ve been teaching online for years.

This allows our students to have great leassons, no matter where they are. We’ve developed our online format to be as effective as in-person lessons and classes.

They are easy! All you need is a computer, laptop or tablet that is connected to wifi.

You’ll still be connected out our Invicta community and other artists just like you, who are developing their craft and love for music.

our method

Invicta Vox is dedicated to giving students of all ages the best vocal technique the music industry has to offer. Our goal is to help you sing freely through your chest and head voice without pain, vocal breaks, strain, cracking or flipping while performing in any genre of music.

We help students achieve continuous results and growth through the Invicta 4D Artist Program. 4D gives students specific targets and goals, and teaches them to be accountable to themselves and their craft. All of our lessons are powered by the 4D system.

What is Artist Development?

It’s focusing on you as a whole singer, performer, and artist.

You have goals and dreams, and we want to be your partners through your entire journey by developing you into a complete artist. 

Get clear on WHAT YOU WANT.

Understand WHERE YOU ARE right now.

CUSTOMIZE A PATH specific to you.

Izzy McCaffrey, Facebook Review

“It’s NOT just voice lessons, they care about your artistry and who you are as a person! It’s truly changed who I am as a person and as an artist! Love my Invicta Vox family!”

our coaches

Our coaches have experience in: 

Popular Music & Songwriting
Musical Theatre & Audition Prep
Choral & Classical Music
Healthy Belt & Screaming Technique
Performance & Band Consultation
Recording & Music Production

Julia Stewart, Google Review

“I ADORE this place. I LOVE the coaches! The whole studio is filled with so much love and support, and I name extremely blessed to be able to train here. If you are looking into singing lessons, this is the place to go!”

our students

Student achievements & highlights include:

The Voice
America’s Got Talent
College Scholarships
Record Deals w/ Major Labels
The Voice Kids (Telemundo)
Dancing With The Stars
Warped Tour

The Invicta vox difference

“I am so much better than what I was before. I know so much more about technique, and I have a lot more commitment. I’m actually committed to my craft, practicing…and I love practicing.”
Current Voice Student

“It has been phenomenal, beyond expectations. Everything they said they would do, they’ve done. They have not only broadened her talents and the gifts she was given on her own, but expanded that exponentially.” 

Parent of Current Student

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