Your voice and dreams are no longer limited by where you live.

Why Go Online.

One of the greatest struggles for singers seeking voice lessons is, finding a vocal coach that can give them the tools they need to improve their voice, while still being located close enough to meet in person. Great vocal coaches are out there, but often they are too far to drive to, or it is a hassle to get to their studios.

Online lessons provide a great opportunity for you to get quality vocal coaching from the convenience of your home without wasting time commuting.

It allows you to get excellent, one on one lessons with a coach who can cater lessons to your needs.

Online lessons are a convenient and private option for receiving consistent quality lessons.

How Online Lessons Work.

Online lessons function very similarly to in-person lessons. Modern technology and internet capabilities allow for lessons to be performed over video conferencing programs that have less delay then a public interface like Skype or Facetime.

During online lessons, you will be able to sing and be trained by one of our coaches in real time. Every singer is unique, and our coaches will be able to cater repertoire and exercises to each student’s individual needs.

All lessons are recorded and the files are stored for students in a private profile. This gives the student the opportunity to go back and review their lessons, and use the files to practice with at any time.

Our Invicta 4D Artist Program also functions in an online setting, and our online students are able to take full advantage of it.

What to look for in an online lesson.

As a singer, it’s important to look for the same benefits and resources in online lessons that you would look for in, in-person lessons.

Look for a coach that can give you actual technique that can improve your range, give you more control, and provide longevity in your voice.

A good vocal coach will give you the technical tools you need to get your voice functioning optimally, thereby allowing you to add your unique style in any genre.

The difference with online lessons is that, technology matters, and staying up to date is extremely important. You want a studio that simplifies technology to give you a great experience, but will also stay current to avoid limitations of outdated programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements?
– Laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and audio capabilities.
– High speed internet connection 100 Mbps or higher

For a better experience:
-Hardwire the internet connection with an ethernet cable from your computer to your router
-Close all other programs on your computer

Are online lessons as effective as in person lessons?
It depends entirely upon the person taking the lessons, and how the pros and cons of online lessons apply to them. We have many artists who take our online lessons and love them!

Learning the technique is no different online vs in person, so finding a coach that knows and can teach great technique is the most important aspect of lessons.

Another large factor in the effectiveness of lessons is staying consistent in your training. If taking online lessons allows you to be more regular and consistent with your lessons, then it can be more effective than taking occasional in-person lessons.

Our coaches know how to train technique and great singing in an online setting, and we are continually looking for ways to improve the process!

What ages can take online lessons?
All ages! Online lessons require focus on the part of the participant. There is no specific age that we require, but we need the student to have a maturity level that will allow them to stay focused throughout their lesson.
What classes do you offer online?
Along with our private lesson instruction, we offer our group songwriting and performance classes online. You are able to participate in classes in real time and work alongside our in-person students.

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