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The Invicta Vox method is 3 fold. Our Singers and Artists are empowered and supported through our cutting edge vocal Technique, the Invicta 4D Artist Program, and our powerful Community. We are results driven, and aim to give you all of the tools, strategies and support you need to use your gift and be successful on your music journey, wherever that path may lead.

What Is Mix Singing?

In Mix singing, we aim to bring the two elements of the natural voice (Head Voice and Chest Voice) together. By mixing the chest and head voice, singers are able to utilize the full benefits of “both voices”: the natural and powerful sound of the chest voice, and the beauty and range of the head voice. As our singers learn to utilize both of these resonances and train the vocal folds to stay together, they are able to sing smoothly (and evenly) from one register to the other, eliminating the nefarious “break”. With true mix technique, it is possible to eliminate the “break” while producing a healthy and beautiful sound.

The beauty of Mix, is in its ability to translate into any genre of music at any age. Whether singers have goals to become professional recording artists or star on Broadway,  or if they simply want to be able to sing confidently in church or perform in their high school musical – we help Singers become the Artists they want to be.

The Invicta 4D Artist Program

Results matter, and you should expect your voice and music lessons to build a strong foundation and really make a difference in how you sing. The Invicta 4D Artist Program was created to eliminate stagnation in the development as a singer and musician. We want you to have the results you desire, and feel like you are making progress in your voice and as a performer, the entire time that you are taking lessons with us.

4D is an exploration into the mastery of all aspects of Technique, Musicianship, Performance, and Creativity. It is a program that keeps you moving forward in your development as a singer, musician, and performer. You will not simply show up for a basic lesson from week to week, but will challenge yourself to become more, and will be able to witness your progress throughout your journey.

What Makes Our Community Different?

As you take lessons, it is important to feel like you are not alone on your journey, and that there are other people with the same aspirations and struggles as you. Our in-person and online Community allow you to be surrounded by people like you, that have a passion and love of music and singing. We want you to feel supported in your journey and have access to ask questions, get insight, and share your accomplishments and breakthroughs with people who care. It isn’t easy to develop a skill, and the journey can be frustrating at times, but if you have people that relate to what you are going through, and a supportive Community to buoy you up, it makes the ups and downs much easier to navigate.

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