Preparing Lauryn Judd for the Voice

Lauryn Judd - The Voice Blind Auditions

It isn’t every day that a voice coach has a student featured on national television. It’s special, and it’s something that is years in the making.


I started teaching Lauryn Judd voice lessons 5 years ago. When she walked into my academy, she had a fire and a spark that is rare. She was totally unafraid, with big dreams and passion to boot. As her teacher, I’ve had the opportunity to watch her grow as she progressed through local talent competitions, school musicals and the songwriting classes and concerts at my music academy. She had a clear goal from the beginning, stayed consistent in her training and worked as hard as she could.


Prior to her blind audition, Lauryn and I worked on preparing a cover of ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ for a local singing competition. We worked in depth on selecting the right key for her voice and figuring out the best way to cut the song to give it a lot of dynamic and shock factor. We worked key parts of the song with vocal exercises to make sure she had a solid technical foundation, so she could have the freedom to sing her heart out. In the end, Lauryn was able to make the song her own with her own unique style. She placed as a finalist in the local competition and ultimately ended up at The Voice blind auditions. In the version she performed during the blind audition, she took more risks, believed in herself and pushed her voice to new heights.


One of the big moments in Lauryn’s blind audition was when Alicia Keys seemed to think there were two vocalists on stage. There is a noticeable change in Lauryn’s voice when she transitions from the first verse to the second. The cause of the vocal shift is simply Lauryn’s technical ability as a singer to navigate the full capacity of her voice. Her technical foundation is so solid, that she can change dynamics quickly and do it in a healthy, unstrained voice. Through having a full connection from her low to high range, it unlocked her voice and gave her the artistic ability to make the song her own.


Lauryn demonstrated 5 keys to unlocking a successful audition. Those keys are:

  1.  Years of practice and commitment to your craft. Stay consistent. Stay committed.
  2.  Solid technical background. Acquire the tools.
  3.  Pick the right song. Make sure it’s a song that resonates with you. Get creative.
  4.  Arrange the song appropriately for your voice. This is a must.
  5.  Be authentic. Believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to take risks.


As a vocal coach, my biggest reward is watching my students succeed. The Voice is only the beginning of Lauryn’s amazing journey as an artist. I’m so excited and honored to be a part of it. Team Lauryn!

Lauryn & Angie